March 7, 2024

Exploring Arcadia Gardens: A Journey Through Seasons and Creativity

Exploring Arcadia Gardens: A Journey Through Seasons and Creativity
In 2023/24, I immersed myself in Arcadia Gardens, Sheffield's transformative oasis, guided by landscape designers Doug Baker and Charlotte Liu, featured on BBC Gardeners World; now, my drawings of its diverse plant habitats are evolving into a collection of paintings – join my mailing list for updates on my progress!

Throughout the year 2023/24, I've embarked on drawing trips to Arcadia Gardens in Sheffield, immersing myself in the ever-changing landscape of this unique experimental garden. Owned by landscape designers Doug Baker and Charlotte Liu, Arcadia Garden has blossomed from a barren pony field into a vibrant oasis overlooking the Rivelin Valley in North West Sheffield.

Doug and Charlotte's dedication to their craft has garnered recognition, with Arcadia Garden recently featured on the BBC Gardeners World program. It was a privilege to be invited into their world.In spring 2023, I was introduced to the garden by Charlotte herself. What began as admiration from afar, fueled by Charlotte's captivating photography on Instagram, evolved into a firsthand experience of the ambition and creativity behind the project.

Charlotte guided me through the various plant habitats they've meticulously cultivated, from Woodland and Woodland Edge to Meadow, Dry Garden, and Damp Meadow. Each area offered a glimpse into their experimentation with different plant communities, seeking harmonious combinations for their specialist, perennial planting schemes.

  1. My initial drawings focused on the Woodland and Woodland Edge, where verdant spring growth intertwined with Silver Birch trees.
  2. Early Irises and Persicara added splashes of color to the canvas, revealing the richness and complexity of the garden's environment.
  3. As I captured the essence of Arcadia Gardens on paper, I found myself drawn deeper into its intricacies. Every plant, every combination, spoke of a carefully curated ecosystem brimming with life and potential.

Now, I'm excited to announce that I'll be developing these drawings into a collection of paintings this year.

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